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Temecula Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer

A slip and fall injury happens to thousand of people every year. While some injuries are small, many victims suffer serious injuries such as broken hips, traumatic brain injury, even wrongful death. There can be many reasons as to why you would slip and fall. Unlit stairwells, wet floors with poor signage and construction sites that are defected can have dangerous results for the everyday person. If you have been involved in a slip and fall you should consult with injury lawyers such as Chris Mova Personal injury lawyer. We understand if you are owed damages for the negligence of the owner when you are on someone elses property. We will handle the most complicated legal issue while you recover from the damage of the unsafe conditions.

Our client testimonials on Google express their heartfelt gratitude for our hard work. We work honorably and with sacrifice to ensure you win your case. If you trip and fall our legal advice will be there to break the fall of being any lower. Chris Mova Personal Injury Lawyer will practices in all areas of Southern California with a 98.5% success rate. With over $10,000,000 recovered in damages you can be sure when you file a personal injury claim we will handle your case with undivided attention. Choose a law firm that will serve you and dedicate their time to your cause. Call us today for an initial consultation.

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Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

There are many different types of slip and fall accidents and different liabilities to each. A slip and fall accident may occur on a slippery surface, stairway falls, bathtub falls, construction site falls, and store falls. If you fall on someone else property the gate opens to liability and who must pay for damages accrued. The property owner has full obligation to keep their property in safe conditions that will avoid a slip and fall accident. If you fall and can prove the conditions weren’t safe and the owner was negligent about the dangers or defective conditions you may be entitled to compensation.

The property owner should always use “common sense” in keeping their property clean and debris free such as a store owner. If flooring is missing creating a misstep then the owner must block the pathway to keep the property safe. A judge will take into account the entire scene and if it was kept clean to avoid pedestrian accidents. The owner must show “reasonable care” if they are to be exonerated from any charges being brought forth. To bring awareness of the types of questions that may be asked during a trial we have provided a list of common slip and fall questions.

1. Did you trip over a broken surface such as uneven carpet or tile? Did you slip and fall due to a wet surface that was improperly labeled?

2. Did the owner know of the dangerous condition and did not act responsively to correct the fault?

3. Has there been an accident at this location before and how was it handled?

4. Has the owner scheduled regular maintenance or routinely checks on the status of the store?

5. Did poor lighting aide in the slip and fall?

These are simple questions a judge will ask to gather legal information. If any of these questions are in your favor you may be entitled to compensation for you injuries. The judge will also ask if any of your actions contributed to the case. You will have to prove liability as well that you followed “common sense” as well when you slipped and fell.


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Property owners must show reasonable care in order to avoid a lawsuit. Premise liability is a major concern, and if you’ve been invovled in a slip and fall accident or someone has fallen on your property and you believe they did not practice “reasonable care” or “common sense” call us today for a free initial consultation. Our personal injury lawyers are willing to take on your case for a California Slip and Fall injury.

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