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Welcome to our official Temcula Personal Injury firm legal resource center page. Our law firm strives to dedicate legal guidance after your legal involvement in an auto accident. If you are in the Temecula, CA area and happen to be involved in an auto accident you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. Our Temecula Injury Attorneys understand the battle that comes with filing a legal claim with the at fault driver’s insurance company. Insurance claims are fought with a strong deal of resistance by the insurance company. Their goal is to minimize the amount of case settled released for their driver’s negligence. Accident attorneys like Chris Mova will work with the insurance company to deliver you results. We know injury law and our legal team dedicates ourselves to providing the best customer service with superb communication
Our legal law offices understand the difficulty of being involved in a car accident, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and more. Often times many are left disabled for a short period of time with medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering piling up. This can disrupt a normal lifestyle and enslave someone who is already an accident victim. You should not have to fight for your household to remain normal when you are the victim. It is important to seek our Temecula office for legal representation. We work on a contingency basis and won’t charge you a dime unless we win your case. Personal injury lawyers such as Chris Mova are ready to fight for you today. 
Our Temecula Injury Firm has what it takes to represent your case with over a decades worth of experience with over a 98.5% success rate. File a personal injury claim today. If you have suffered a serious injury we can support you 24/7 with out dedicated team. We are available 24 hours and day, 7 days a week.
Receive compensation for your pain and suffering today. Call our Temecula Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer at.

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Tesla has recently fallen under public scrutiny after their "autonomous" driving systems have malfunctioned and taken the lives of multiple Tesla accident victims.

Smart Car

Smart Cars and compact cars have great technology when it comes to protecting the lives of its passengers, but in the rare case that the vehicle malfunctions, we can help you fight for a settlement.



We've successfully awarded multiple clients that have been involved in Uber accidents throughout California. We are familiar with the insurance company that covers Uber and will fight tooth and nail for your case.


We've successfully been awarded our past clients that have been involved in a car crash by the popular ride share Lyft. We'll help you fight for the million dollar policy that you deserve for the injuries you have received.

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Temecula is a profound destination, often called Wine County, for its massive wine festivals and orchards. The luscious greenscape land is perfect for travel and hot air ballooning. The growth of Temecula is steady and even exponential at times. Regrettably, the only pitfall to the amazing growth is the rise in various types of auto accidents such as drunk driving accidents, car accidents, and more. There are many reason’s as to why the accidents are more prominent in 2019 than 2010. Some incidents are due to:
1. The Amount of Wineries In The Area
2. The Rising Population
3. The Complex Freeway System
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Temecula has a wide freeway system to accompany the amount of traffic coming through the area. The intersection of Redhawk Parkway and Via Cordoba is a wide system that is prone to high freeway speeds and broken speeding laws. The posted speed limit is 45 mph, but, sadly, the rule is often dismissed for faster travels and even racing. Poor visibility of merging lanes due to the landscape are a cause for concern. The intersection is built to force drivers to accelerate when attempting to turn left. Although there is no crosswalk it is legal to cross the intersection. Pedestrians must yield to traffic which can cause problems because many often don’t, causing numerous pedestrian accidents and bumper-to-bumper accidents.

“Intersections like these require special attention from both a traffic enforcement and traffic engineering standpoint,” noted John Bisnar. “Officials should consider a traffic light at this location and speeders should be cited.”

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Winchester Road is a dangerous road that is known for various car accidents. Temecula police have said there have been more than 100 car crashes along a seven mile section of the Winchester Road. The majority of motor vehicle accidents are due to a place on Winchester Road due to a merge of a single lane coming from both directions. This merging lane has caused many accidents and even a few deaths.
Determined to reduce the number of car collisions, fatalities and injuries in the city, Temecula Police in recent years have cited 1,894 drivers and made 67 DUI arrests. DUI checkpoints have also helped to get drunks and problem vehicles off city streets. At a recent DUI checkpoint at Winchester Road and Nicholas Road, 40 drivers were cited for various traffic violations, four DUI arrests were made, and 13 cars were impounded.

Fatal car crashes and road traffic accident statistics for 2017

  • Fatal accident count 9
  • Vehicles involved in fatal accidents 19
  • Fatal accidents involving drunken persons 2
  • Persons involved in fatal accidents 29
  • Pedestrians involved in fatal accidents 3
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