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"Anything Less Than Full Compensation Is Not Full Justice"

- Chris Mova

Our firm has handled millions of dollars worth of personal injury settlements for accident victims. As a result, we have accumulated the highest level of experience with cases such as car accidents, motorcycle accidents, Uber accidents, Lyft accidents, Amazon accidents, slip and falls, and many more. Take a look at our cases we handle page to view more accident types we service. We understand that every situation is different and every persons story is not the same. If you’ve been injured or have fallen victim to a personal injury case, please give us a call to visit our contact us page to learn more. We offer free case evaluations and you pay nothing until your case settles.

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Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

Recently injured in a car accident in the busy city of Los Angeles? Did you know Los Angeles is home to the most car accidents year in the nation? Vehicle accidents are some of the most deadliest in the nation. Car accidents place millions a year in a hospital. There can be many reasons one is admitted into a hospital, but when a third-party in negligent and causes you personal injury you are most likely entitled to compensation for their negligence. Our Los Angeles accident attorneys are Chris Mova Personal Injury should be the first phone call you make after medical help. Receiving compensation without an attorney can be incredibly difficult and fighting with another driver’s insurance company will be a challenging task as they will do anything to ensure they pay the smallest settlement possible. If you are invovled in a car accident because another driver practiced distracted driving which lead to to your injury please give us a call today.

In a short amount of time you can accumulate medical bills, lost wages due to an inability to work, and pain and suffering. If a negligent driver is at fault for these consequences call us today so we can handle the legal matter. Car crashes should not destroy your life, and if you feel it has we will do our best to recover what was lost in the event you are involved in one. Seek our San Bernardino legal representation so we can help resolve your case today. Hire Chris Mova Personal Injury Attorney today.

 Our San Bernardino Injury Firm has what it takes to represent your case with over a decades worth of experience with over a 98.5% success rate. File a personal injury claim today. If you have suffered a serious injury we can support you 24/7 with out dedicated team. We are available 24 hours and day, 7 days a week.

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What Do I Do After A Car Accident?

  1. Notify The Police And Ambulance: The very first thing you should do is call the police to document the scene and seek medical attention for medical treatment. Even if you feel you aren’t hurt due to the adrenaline, a trained medical staff can account for injuries and bruises during your check-up if you are not admitted to the hospital for more serious injuries. The documents of your injuries will serve as valuable evidence in court.
  2. Document The Scene: If you are able to do so please collect as many names, phone numbers, and pictures/video you can. Witnesses will be used later in your case to provide an account of what happened. Pictures and video have a story to tell about how your injuries were sustained. Also, be sure to gather the name, phone number, and insurance of those involved in the accident, but be sure to not admit fault or speak to them about anything other than the pertinent information. Any information can be used against you.
  3. Call An Attorney: Before you even call your insurance company, you should call a lawyer In Los Angeles that specializes in personal injury. Our law firm will be on the other side of the phone call to support you in Los Angeles Ca. A car accident injury needs to be handled with care. Clients throughout our practice have benefited with over $10,000,000 recovered in damages over a decades worth of practice. We will guide you through the process of speaking to your insurance company and what you should do to further enhance your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries and property damage.

Once you complete your three steps our agents will focus on representing clients with undivided attention immediately. In the meantime we ask you take care of yourself and attend all doctors appointments set for you. Be sure to avoid speaking to anyone about your case and under no circumstance speak to the other driver’s insurance company. They will do their best to pass admission of the crash on you. If anyone contacts you ask them to speak to your attorney. Accident victims can be harrased and we will handle every inquiry so you don’t have to.

Los Angeles Car Accident

Se Habla Espanol

Whether you speak english or spanish, our team can help you receive a top dollar settlement for your injuries.

RANKED T0p 100

Recognized in 2018 & 2019 as one of the Top 10 Attorneys Under 40 by the National Academy of Personal Injury after successfully defending hundreds of cases.

Experienced In Trial

Our clients already have to deal with the trauma from being injured and the added pressure of litigation can be overwhelming. Trust that we will fight for full compensation for your injuries both inside and outside of the court room.

Los Angeles Car Accident Statistics

Our accident lawyers in Los Angeles will support you when you file an accident claim with access to top rated lawyers willing to fight for you. Our very same lawyers have composed simple statistics of car accidents. The accident rate is rising in the Los Angeles area due to overcrowding and an ever expanding population.

Here are Los Angeles Automobile Accident Stats:

• In 2018 there were nearly 55,000 traffic accidents in LA which serves as a 7% increase than the previous year.
• The majority of accidents involved were vehicle to vehicle collisions.
• Over 250 deaths were recorded in 2018 which is over a 37% increase from the year before.
• Pedestrians accounted for nearly half of the deaths account for in the LA area in 2018.
• According to data, a pedestrian has a 10 percent chance of dying when struck by a car traveling at 20 mph, but the risk of death climbs to 80 percent if the vehicle is moving at 40 mph.
• Motocyclists are involved in only 3 percent of traffic accidents, but account for 15% of the fatality rate.
• Motocyclist and pedestrians accout for 65% of fatalities in LA.

The experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyers at Chris Mova Injury hold over 10 years of experience with a 98.5 % rate. Our accident injury lawyers have seen it all and we will work tirelessly to deliver the highest compensation for you possible. If you or a loved one has been injured in a traffic collission call us today to file a claim and reclaim your life starting today.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Kayla C.

I was hit by an uninsured driver and didn’t know what to do next. I found Chris online and the rest was such a relief. Paola is also assisting me by handling all of my medical appointments and keeping my case in order. We haven’t settled yet, but we will soon!

Katie H.

I got in a pretty bad car accident in July of 2015. I was rear ended so bad that my car was labeled as a total loss. I looked around for a good attorney for a few weeks. After reading reviews, and talking to friends, the name Chris Mova with Mova Law Group came up the most. So, I decided to call him to see if I wanted to hire him. Chris personally talked to me on the phone, explained what my options were and asked me if I wished to meet him face-to-face at his office. I met him at his office a few days later and I decided to hire him. Chris fought hard with the insurance company, they weren't being reasonable in the beginning. It wasn't until he showed them a copy of the lawsuit he planned on filing that they finally decided to pay for my injury. He is as aggressive of a lawyer as I have seen (based on his letters to the insurance company), but yet so friendly and nice with me.

Michelle P.

I recently had a case where a large insurance firm denied my claim despite their insured admitting guilt. After contacting Chris, he walked me through the steps I should take which included filing a small claims case. Chris’s quick advice on matters as simple as court room etiquette, posture and deference, I believe made a difference in my case and as a result I won the case. He’s a consummate professional and I will continue to use him for legal consul.

John S.

Listen up people! By far the best experience I've had with an attorney. Chris and his team really care about your well being to get you medical attention. I had a serious car accident in August 2018. The other party had no insurance or license. Therefore, because I did have uninsured motorist insurance, Mova Law Group was able to leverage my uninsured motorist funds to pay his costs, my medical attention costs and a settlement check to cover additionally expenses which turned out to be 2 times what I thought and I received that check within 7 months. Thank you Mova Law Group.

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