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Have you recently been injured or have a loved one that has been injured due to another person’s negligence? Chris Mova Personal Injury Attorney has successfully collected millions of dollars for past victims. Our law firm strives to dedicate legal guidance after your involvement in an auto accident. Claiming a settlement successfully for your injuries can be a tough battle against insurance companies. An insurance company will attempt their best effort to minimize the amount of settlement you receive. Allow us to fight for you as your injury attorneys. Contact us for a free initial consultation today. 
Any accident can leave you in a difficult space, fighting to keep your household, bills, lifestyle, and more together all the while battling with medical bills, lost wages, and other repercussions of an auto accident. It is important to seek a personal injury lawyer for your damages as we can offer guidance and provide you the steps you need to beat your case. 
We work on a contingency fee, meaning we won’t charge you a dime unless we win. Accident victims no longer deserve to be victims. If you have suffered a serious injury we can support you 24/7 with out dedicated team. We are available 24 hours and day, 7 days a week.

Tesla Car Accidents

Tesla has recently fallen under public scrutiny after their "autonomous" driving systems have malfunctioned and taken the lives of multiple Tesla accident victims.

Smart Car Accidents

Smart Cars and compact cars have great technology when it comes to protecting the lives of its passengers, but in the rare case that the vehicle malfunctions, we can help you fight for a settlement.


Uber Car Accidents

We've successfully awarded multiple clients that have been involved in Uber accidents throughout California. We are familiar with the insurance company that covers Uber and will fight tooth and nail for your case.

Lyft Car Accidents

We've successfully been awarded our past clients that have been involved in a car crash by the popular ride share Lyft. We'll help you fight for the million dollar policy that you deserve for the injuries you have received.

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Los Angeles Car Accident Statistics

Los Angeles, California is an ever growing population with congested cities and tall buildings left and right. As the population rises, so do the number of accidents. Data from the California Highway Patrol breaks down the information of accidents between 2010 and 2015, which CHP believes through data has risen nearly 23% since the end of 2015

Los Angeles Fatalities Due To Vehicle Accidents Between 2010 To 2015

  • Total Fatalities in 2010: 52
  • Total Fatalities in 2011: 46
  • Total Fatalities in 2012: 61
  • Total Fatalities in 2013: 60
  • Total Fatalities in 2014: 69
  • Total Fatalities in 2015: 67
How it factors today…
Between 2010 to 2015, an increase of 1,275 in total collisions display an 6.02% rise. Fatalities have increase by 15, which is an increase of 28.84% in the number of years displayed. From 2015 to 2019, it is believed, and is still being counted, there has been a total of an additional 15.5% of fatalities a year on average in Los Angeles

The "It" Factor of Los Angeles Freeways And Road In Accidents

The large amount of car and motor vehicle accidents that happen in Los Angeles, CA is steadily rising over the number of years. The larger the population grows shows a correlation in the amount of accidents. The California Department of Transportation tells us there are over 20,000 miles of total roadways, 527 miles of freeway and 382 miles of conventional highway in the LA county. There is a total of over 5.8 million registered cars on the road and 7.5 vehicles on average in the county at any given time. There are only 5 states that carry more registered vehicles! It is believed at least 600,000 will be sold in the Los Angeles County area this year, alone. The sheer numbers and growth of the population is leading to a higher accident rate. Catastrophic injury is occurring regularly, but is still far from common. 

5 Of The Most Deadly Locations In Los Angeles

Car accidents are still very common in the US. Many people spend an average of 10 hours in their vehicles between work and leisure a week. A recent study concluded due to car accident rates the top 5 deadliest Los Angeles freeways go as followed
1. Sierra Highway – Santa Clarita Valley
2. I-405 in Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys
3. I-5 Golden State Freeway
4. Route 57
5. State Route 118 / Ronald Reagan Fwy
A recent DataScience study also found the top 5 intersections for hit and run auto accidents in Los Angeles
1. Van Nuys Boulevard & Roscoe Boulevard
2. S. Figueroa Street & W. Manchester Avenue
3. S. Vermont Avenue & W. 3rd Street
4. Sepulveda Boulevard & Burbank Boulevard
5. S. Western Avenue & W. Florence Avenue
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