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El Cajon Car Accident Lawyer

Should I hire a lawyer if I was involved in a crash in El Cajon?” and “What do I do if I was just involved in a crash?” are very common questions that we receive from our clients that call in for El Cajon Car Accident Lawyer representation.
East County within San Diego has thousands of people living within its city boundaries that are involved in car crashes every single year. Especially on the busiest freeway in the area known as the 8 freeway.

After someone has come to their senses after being involved in an auto-related accident, the time frame between the accident and them visiting a specialist for their injuries is very thin. The California statute of limitations allows an individual up to (2) years to file a personal injury claim, but your medical records need to be instantaneous after your accident. We recommend this so we can use the medical records in court to prove that your injuries are real. Our firm is known throughout El Cajon, California for helping car accident victims with their personal injury claims. Regardless if they are our clients or not.

The team at San Diego Car Accident Lawyer is ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Give us a call by dialing (858)280-3358 or visit our contact us page to get a free case evaluation now. Our levels of customer service can’t be beaten by any other firm in Southern California. Our staff drives results and we won’t settle until your case does.

How Much Is My Case Worth?


Tesla Car Accidents

Tesla has recently fallen under public scrutiny after their "autonomous" driving systems have malfunctioned and taken the lives of multiple Tesla accident victims.

Smart Car Accidents

Smart Cars and compact cars have great technology when it comes to protecting the lives of its passengers, but in the rare case that the vehicle malfunctions, we can help you fight for a settlement.


Uber Car Accidents

We've successfully awarded multiple clients that have been involved in Uber accidents throughout California. We are familiar with the insurance company that covers Uber and will fight tooth and nail for your case.

Lyft Car Accidents

We've successfully been awarded our past clients that have been involved in a car crash by the popular ride share Lyft. We'll help you fight for the million dollar policy that you deserve for the injuries you have received.

Our Accolades

How A Car Accident Lawyer in El Cajon Can Help You

After you have been involved in an accident while driving, several questions will follow your unfortunate and unplanned collision. Here’s how a car accident lawyer in El Cajon can help you with your case:

  • All important documents and paperwork that must be submitted to the insurance companies will be handled by your attorney.
  • Doctors appointments, health check ups, evaluations, and follow-ups will be scheduled by your attorney so your case never misses a beat.
  • Insurance companies are aggressive and will use their size to their advantage. Hiring an experienced attorney that will negotiate on your behalf will help you tremendously.
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How Much Will It Cost For Legal Representation? Here's The Price For Our Services.

Our El Cajon Car Accident Lawyers work on a contingency basis. When you call into our office with questions relating to your case and how much it will cost for us to get your case started, your fee will never be a single penny out of pocket. The only way our firm will receive payment is if we can successfully beat your case. If we can’t get you a settlement check, we receive absolutely nothing.

Here are a few examples of recent cases we’ve helped out in El Cajon:

  • $100,000 Rear Ended Crash – Our firm charged nothing up front for legal representation and after 6 months of litigation, our client was able to receive a settlement check for their injuries.
  • $1,000,000 Ride Share T-Bone Crash – A person called in that was driving for a ride share company and was t-boned by a negligent driver. We sent our client to a spinal surgeon and after 8 months of aggressive litigation with the insurance company, we were able to award our clients case with a million dollar policy limit.
  • $250,000 Pedestrian Hit & Run – A victim was hit in downtown El Cajon at 4 PM during rush hour while crossing the crosswalk and was struck by a Ford Focus. The vehicle did not stop to see if the injured person was alright and to exchange insurance information. After reviewing the city’s camera recordings, we were able to track down the vehicle’s insurance policy and went after the full $250,000 limits plus brought justice to our client’s crash.​

What We Love About El Cajon

El Cajon is a wonderful city to live in or to visit if you plan on coming soon. We enjoy the local sports games at Kennedy Park located at 1675 E. Madison Ave, El Cajon, CA or if we’re spending time with our younger relatives, we will visit the Kennedy Park Skate Park so the kids can enjoy some fun in the sun.

  • For those who plan on moving to the city, here are the local elementary, middle, and high schools that are in the area for your children:

    El Cajon Valley High School – 1035 East Madison Ave.
  • Montgomery Middle School – 1570 Melody Lane
  • Cajon Valley Middle School Park – 750 Park Avenue
  • Granite Hills High School – 1719 East Madison Ave.

For more info visit the official website for the city of el cajon today.

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